Life Member – Kevin Tamepo

At the 2015 Taupo BMX Club Annual General meeting, Kevin Tamepo was made a life member of the Taupo Bmx Club.

Kevin Tamepo with his Trophy

Kevin Tamepo with his Trophy

Kevin has been an active member of BMX New Zealand from the age of five (thirty-five years in the sport) and has competed both nationally and internationally. Out of the thirty-five years in the sport, seventeen of those years have been spent as a member of the Taupo Bmx club, this making him one of the longest current members of the club.

How Kevin and his family have supported the club:

  • Active committee member for Taupo and all club’s he has been with .e.g Turangi, Te Awamutu, Tauranga, Taupo.
  • He has been and continues to be a excellent mentor to both young and old riders with in Taupo Bmx.
  • Calming influence, very positive in his coaching ways, with all level of skill riders.
  • Helps out behind the scenes, always thinking how to make the track better from the rider’s point of view.
  • Very supportive to parents of riders new and old.
  • Great knowledge of the Bmx rules and regulations,
  • Always remains level headed, neutral, in his dealings with riders, members, and in the wider community.
  • Coaches many kids in the sport
  • Promotes Bmx out in the wider community in a way an ambassador should in a sport.

Kevin’s knowledge and Achievements of/in the Sport:

  • Competed at Five World Championships.
  • Competed at Countless National Championships.
  • Young sportsman of the year Lakeland 1987
  • Sportsman of the year-Taupo and Turangi 1998
  • Sportsman of the year, coach and premiere-Turangi 2013
  • Service to sports - Turangi 2014
  • Taupo Bmx Club President - 2001, 2002
  • Riders hold him in high regard and with huge respect of his knowledge
Kevin receives his Life Member Award from Club President Darryll Ranford

Kevin receives his Life Member Award from Club President Darryll Ranford