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For our club round results, please follow the links below:

2015/2016 Taupo Club Rounds
2014/2015 Taupo Club Rounds
2013 Taupo Club Rounds
2012 Taupo Club Rounds
2011 Taupo Club Rounds

BMXNZ results can be found here:

Club Day/Night Racing Points Allocation

The 1st and 3rd weeks of each month are point's nights and if there is a 5th club day/night in a month then its double points. These points are totalled up and at the end of year prize giving prizes are given to every club member. Points are also awarded to riders racing on the 2nd and 4th week of every month even though these are fun nights.

Points Days/Nights

On points day/nights each rider will race 5 motos (races) they will be awarded points for each moto depending on their placing. These points will be totalled at the end and a ribbon or trophy and a prize will be awarded.