2012 Club Fees

Its that time of year again and we have set the subs for next year.
There has been no change for 2012.

If you are wanting to race and have entry to the track over the school holidays these will need to be paid ASAP so they can get to BMXNZ in time to be processed and also I will be away for 2-3 weeks from the 22nd December.  Andrea Watts will be around when I am away and will have gate forms and licence forms you can contact her on 3772386 or 0272044407.  Just be aware that BMXNZ also close down over this time so if you want to race away in Januray you need to renew your licence as soon as possible to make sure it is processed in time.

For any new members I will require a copy of a birth certificate or passport before I can send your licence to BMXNZ.

I have attached a 2012 licence form and gate entry form that you can print out and have filled in ready to bring to club night.

Taupo BMX Club - Gate Entry Rules.pdf

Licence Form 2012.pdf

For the kids that turn 8 next year you have to choose between a Club or an Open Licence.  Club licences you can only ride at club nights, if you want to race a race meets on the BMXNZ Calander then you will need an Open licence.  All 7 & under have to get a Sprocket Licence which includes a number plate and you are able to race at any race meet on the BMXNZ calander just like an Open licence.  If you get a Club licence and then decide that you would like to do race meets then you can upgrade to an Open licence for another $51.
Please be aware that if you want to race at our big race meet on the 12th February you need to have either a sprocket or an open licence.


BMXNZ Open Licence $92 (uci age 8yrs and over)
BMXNZ Sprocket Licence $66 (uci age 7yrs and under)
BMXNZ  Club Licence $46 (uci age 8yrs and over)
Upgrade from Club to Open $51


Our charge for you to have access to the code to get into the track remains the same as last year.

Club and BMXNZ Members $20
Non Members $40

All these fees run from 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2012.

Please if you have any questions feel free to ask.
See me in the points hut or email me lance.jane@xtra.co.nz      ph 3772273


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