Committee Meeting July 11 2011


VENUE – Andrea’s Home
11 July 2011, 7:30pm


Welcome and Meeting Open- Tina Weal, Steve, Rachel, Phil S, Colin, Paul, Laurie, Andrea, Phil R, Kate H

Apologies- Michelle, Nigel, Rick

Confirmation of Previous Minutes Read by Laurie, moved by Paul, seconded by Steve

Treasurers Report- Read by Paul,
$7988 cash in bank
moved by ,Rachel seconded by Laurie
Complained about food safety with council. Have been billed for the first time

$5363.00 avail funds
Auditor-Matthew Whitbread Edwards did it last time and happy to do it again.
Track Committee – Working bee tidy up
30th July- no school sports
7th August- backup in case of bad weather the week before
Deal with the water drainage first then mend the track
Shaun a contact for scoria
A track or tidy up working bee?
Track Sub Committee to organise the duties, equipment and be there to direct the operation.
This bee is for a general track tidy up and maintenance bring weed eater etc


Start Ramp update – Funding. Lance read Lance’s report. See attached. Main concern building a new start gate but have to interfere with ramp anyway so makes sense to do both. Don’t want to do on the cheap but what we have got is going to start falling apart and is dangerous. Can we save money somehow? Funding is proving too hard to get. Can we put a plaster on for now.
Phil says we need to do the gate as soon as we get some money, any money.
Colin mentioned tilt slabs
Gate can be moved when we fix the ramp?

Club days over winter- Steve mentioned that he would like club nights to be separated (Mon and Wed) rather than back to back (Mon and Tues)


General Business
Club Promotion ideas- Kate- results in paper every week, same place, same time so that the members take it more seriously. Club day results mentioned as well. Top three. Club news. Need someone to take it on. Phil R is happy to take care of putting a notice board up.

Steve to coach kids for 20013 worlds

Identify who are key holders, Jane to have small set of 2 as she arrives early to club days.


Steve needs points hut and start gate keys

Sponsorship options  Promote ourselves– Shirts for riders
New face book page set up and running
Email address been updated?
Possible change of Club night back to Wednesday
Promoting Club through speaking at schools and kindys- Steve mentioned that this has been very successful at other clubs. Not during school time because helpers will be at work.
Do we do it at the weekend or in an evening? Need someone in the schools to drive it. Summer open day on a Sunday. Steve to take kids along with ramps and all the gear.
Promote to the holiday prog schools

Shops future- Paul read through regulations from the council. Need someone to organise the roster and buy the sausages, bread
Promotion Committee- Laurie, Tina, Kate, Andrea

Club booklet updated and sent to all club members and new members. Worlds here 2013.Big push to get as many there as possible.

Super Club team racing

Club Shirts $85 plus gst each. Hoodies, beanies,t shirts, helmet bags as giveaways. Simple design. Approached Huka Honda. Suggested pay for half a shirt as an ongoing thing for new members in the future. Lion foundation, Contact energy as ongoing sponsors.
Tina $500, Laurie $500 Steve ?
Cheapest is 79 plus gst for 10.
Take whoever gives money
Possible colour for the shirts along with black and white- Kate and Andrea came up with draft logo design that incorporates lake and mountains with rider jumping thru . Dean to do on computer and send thru to Tina

Gisborne Winter series 13th, 14th August- Go as a club on Sat rain, hail or snow, Steve coach on Sat aft then ride on Sunday. E mail to see interest and cut costs .Committee have 21 with quick head count.
Wings and Wheels van- need to book in advance. Laurie to ask.
Ph Steve- 021898436 or 3773424 or e mail race @
Meeting closed 9.40pm

Download here: TPO_BMX_MINS_11-07-11

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