January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year. We started the first of this year’s Club Nights last Wednesday and had a good turnout. We look forward to a great years racing and seeing a lot of changes at the track as we improve the infrastructure with a new start gate and ramp.
•    With our February 12th Race Meet coming up and the weather we’ve been having the track will need plenty of attention prior to the Meet. Many have been mowing and weeding already but a major working bee (spreading lime, raking, surface repair) will be held on January the 28th and flow through to the 29th (if required). Any amount of time you are able to give will be much appreciated. Start time will be 9am or whenever you are able to get there. Finish time will be whenever we finish or whenever you have to leave.
•    A shovel, rake and broom have been left in the female toilets for anybody who is up at the track at anytime. Please feel free to use wherever you see a need.
•    A reminder to those members that are yet to pay their 2012 licences. If you want to enter our Taupo Race Meet on the 12th February I will need your licence forms and money NO LATER than Wednesday 25th January 2012, this will give me time to get them to BMXNZ to be processed before our entries close on the 3rd February. Please note that you can only race at our Taupo meet if you have either an open licence or sprocket licence. If you have any questions please contact Jane Phone  3772273 or 0274159939

•    Regarding our Race Meet- Please check your e mails and reply wherever you are able to help on a rostered basis- baking, food prep for marshals, track marshalling, BBQ, start gate, points hut, shop help, raffle sales.
If you are a member of Taupo BMX please consider helping out even for just a short time. There will be plenty of adults around to help keep an eye on the riding/ non riding children. Remember that this is their home track and they know the rules so you may be more able to help here than you are at out of town tracks.

We are looking for sponsorship for each age class at our Meet and would appreciate any contacts that you have and are able to approach. We have an informative sponsorship letter that we can forward on. Please consider any avenues of sponsorship that you may have.
We are pleased to have secured generous sponsorship with The Mousetrap (Suncourt Hotel) for our Super class plus Nu Look Windows and Doors, CH Automotive and Antz Electrical so far for age group sponsors. They will receive promotion prior, on the day and following through our race program, commentation, website, newspaper and facebook. Please think of them when you are requiring services in their field.

•    Rotorua BMX recently had significant damage done by vandals. Please lock and scramble the code both when you are using our track and when you leave. Keep an eye out and report any damages or areas of concern at the track over the holidays. While you are using the track the gate must be locked and scrambled behind you. Anybody arriving after who is allowed to enter will have the code. Please do not give the code out
to anyone. If they have forgotten the code they may phone/txt Anne Marie 0212929290 or Laurie 0210216298 who give it out to all paid code holders.

•    The Lake Taupo Sports Advisory Trust are one of the Taupo BMX race shirts sponsors. Unfortunately they missed getting printed on the shirts. Can you please bring your shirts to Laurie on club night or take it yourself into Brand Fuel on Oruanui Rd to have this added (free  of charge).

•    Attention table toppers- To avoid accidents and major frustration from the full track riders it is vital that all table top starters stay OFF the track unless they are supervised by a club night Marshal.

•    There is to be no crossing over the track at any time on a race/training night. Please walk around the track.

•    To make it as fair as possible age groups for points are to be grouped according to numbers in particular age groups. 10-14 year olds are to combine. First 4 motos are for points and last moto is a dead man final.

•    A reminder that if there is a fifth week in a month that there is a double points rule that week.

Anne Marie Ranford has taken over as club secretary and be contacted at info@taupobmx.org.nz

If anyone has second had BMX gear or bikes for sale, please let us know as there are always people in the club looking to upgrade!  Rashelle Reed is looking for a Mini Micro Redline or similar.  Please get in contact with us - info @taupobmx.org.nz

•    Please forward on this newsletter on to anyone you know  that could be interested.

Key Dates

•    21st, 22nd Jan Grand Prix, Te Awamutu. NQM
•    25th Taupo BMX Club Night 5.30 rego, 6pm racing
•    28th, 29th Pre Race Meet Working Bee at Taupo Track
•    28th, 29th Jan Auckland Champs, North Harbour. NQM
•    28th, 29th Jan-Kaiapoi Wicked BMX Meet, Christchurch. NQM
•    1st February Taupo BMX Club Night
•    4th Feb-Wellington Region Champs, Levin. NQM
•    5th Feb- Hutt Valley Anniversary. NQM
•    8th Feb Taupo BMX Club Night
•    12th February- Taupo Meet. NQM
•    15th Feb Taupo BMX Club Night
•    25th Feb Te Kuiti Twilight TKT NQM
•    3rd March Waikato Region Champs HN/TA

Keep an eye on www.taupobmx.org.nz and the Facebook page for up to date information

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