2013 Worlds Track

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has published drawings on its website of the BMX Supercross track for the BMX World Championships in New Zealand.

Click here to view the drawings.

The indoor track at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, will be innovative in that it will include three tracks in one, with all classes sharing the same starting ramp and first straight.

It is the first time since the introduction in 2010 of two different starting heights for Challenge and Elite riders, that the two classes will share the same ramp. For the last three years, two separate starting ramps have been built at the World Championships.

After the two days of Challenge (age group) racing on Wednesday July 24th and Thursday July 25th, the start ramp will be modified from 5 metres high to 8 metres for the Elite racing at the weekend. At the same time the first straight will undergo slight modifications in order to host the weekend competitions.

In addition, the Junior and Elite Women will use the Challenge section of the second straight, while the Junior and Elite Men will ride on the adjacent Pro section.

The track will be built in six days and will involve moving 4000 cubic metres of clay. Meanwhile, work on the start ramp is already underway.

The track construction work is being undertaken by London Olympic track builders, Clark and Kent Contractors, who also built the track at the World Championships last year in Birmingham (GBR).

“In our opinion a track for the worlds needs to be safe yet challenging for every level of rider, fast smooth and flowing is key,” said builder Kent Bridgett, adding that the Vector Arena would be a “unique and exciting venue.”

The 2013 UCI BMX World Championships take place in Auckland, New Zealand from July 24th to 28th.

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