BMXNZ – Number Plates for all Riders

BMXNZ would like to remind all Open & Club Licence riders of the requirements for number plates.

Riders must use the plate and number colour combinations as below:

• Men Elite / Women Elite: White plate – Black numbers

• Men Juniors / Women Juniors: Black plate – White numbers

• Male 20”: Yellow plate – Black numbers

• Female 20”: Blue plate – White numbers

• Cruisers: Red plate – White numbers

Numbers 1-50 are protected for National rankings. Numbers must be a min of 80mm high and all plates must display a club prefix of a min 25mm. This includes riders who have a World Top 8 ranking.

Riders are required to have the correct plate affixed to their bike at all race meetings including the practice sessions at these meetings.

Over the last couple of years the standards have slipped – from 1 September 2013 - Riders attending meeting without the correct plate – colour combination and/or number will not be able to compete at the event.

Thank you

Christine Misa

BMX New Zealand Administrator


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