Kiwi Sprocket Rockets are provided an official BMX New Zealand Sprocket plate when licensing, however over time these plates have been broken, riders have cut them down or have replaced them with their own version of the plate.

A requirement of the Sprocket Programme is that the official BMX New Zealand plate is to be used at all times.

Riders that do not have the correct plate, and of the original size, will be required to order a new plate prior to the start of racing.

If a plate is lost or broken during the year a replacement plate must be ordered & worn at the next race meeting.

The replacement plate will be couriered directly to the rider at a cost of $25.00 to cover the plate plus the courier charges.

Riders attending a race meeting without the correct plate will not be able to participate at the event.

Clubs are able to order and hold a stock of Sprocket plates – Please discuss with your licencing person in the first instance if you require a replacement Sprocket plate as this maybe a quicker option.


Christine Misa

BMX New Zealand AdministratorKiwi Sprocket Rocket

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