Central Winter Series Rounds

For those of you who are wanting information on the Central Winter Series which kicks off next weekend in Tauranga, please find it below and on the attached flyer.
29th July Tauranga / 19th August Gisborne, 9th September Rotorua / 30th September TaupoRego: 12 noon - 12.45

Racing: 1pm (Race times will be notified once confirmed by each club) Entry fee: $2.00 per rider –– money goes to Club holding the club day

Licence: Any rider holding a BMXNZ Sprocket or Open licence may race.

Riders with a Club licence may race at their home track. It is a category 8 meeting so it is not sanctioned by BMXNZ. New riders will need to pay $16.00 Club Licence (plus $47.50 club membership fee) to be able to race in the series or a higher licence category. If you need a licence please email the club secretary ASAP.

Format: Points over 5 motos and these will be carried forward to the next round. UCI ages apply. As a rule, no riding up an age.

Classes may need to be amalgamated as necessary.

Awards: Riders race for points for their club, not as individuals. The winning club will be announced on final day.

Safety gear: Full safety gear to be worn at all times

First Aid: Club member with current 1st Aid certificate & 1st aid kit (as per club days)

The Central Region Winter Series is a Club based meeting with other clubs invited on certain days by each club. 

We look forward to supporting the Tauranga, Gisborne and Rotorua clubs, as they will then support us for our round on the 30th September.

Download: 2012 CR Winter Series TGA Flyer

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