Important notice for riders wishing to attend the World Championships in Auckland

BMXNZ has fielded a number of phone calls in relation to the requirement to be a citizen of New Zealand to ride for the BMX New Zealand Challenge Team at the upcoming World Championships.

The rules covering citizenship are covered in section 1 of the UCI rules ( under rule 1.1.033.

To ride at the World Championships a rider must be a citizen of the country for which they wish to ride. This means that you must fulfil one of the following criteria;
1/Be born in New Zealand,

2/Be born overseas, but with a New Zealand born parent,

3/Be granted citizenship of New Zealand prior to 2012.

If a rider does not fit any of the above, then that rider is not eligible to ride for New Zealand.

In addition, if a rider who meets the above criteria, but prior to 2012 claimed the citizenship of another country and has ridden at an international event for that country, then the rider is also not eligible to ride for New Zealand.

To ensure that all riders entering into the World Championships to ride for New Zealand meet these requirements, we require that all riders present a copy of their citizenship confirmation (Birth Certificate, passport or Certificate of citizenship). In each case these will be checked and held by BMX New Zealand, in case BMX New Zealand is asked to provide this information to the UCI Officials at the World Championships.

I understand that this will mean some riders will not be able to ride for New Zealand in July. As a possible solution for these riders, they are able to approach the BMX Federation of their country of citizenship and request to be included within the team of that country.

Norm McCann

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