Information for the riders of New Zealand – NEWSLETTER 5

Welcome to the 5th newsletter for the New Zealand (NZL) riders in the lead up to the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships.

These newsletters are sent out to keep the BMX community informed - Please take the time to read them.

9 days to go – and counting...

BREAKING NEWS - Practice Sessions:

New Zealand has been allocated 3 session times for the 2 Challenge practice days. The times will be split into 2 – 12 & under and 13 & over.

The practice will start at 11.30 am for the 12 & under. The timing for the older group will be confirmed at registration once details have been finalised.

Registration Times - Amendment:

Please note the change to registration times for Monday due to the earlier than expected practice times;

Sunday 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm Monday 8.00 am to 9.00 am

Rider packs are to be collected at the Waldorf Stadium Apartments, 40 Beach Rd, Auckland. You can not send a ‘proxy’ - Riders must collect own race pack.

If a rider has not collected their pack prior to 9.00 am on Monday without contacting myself through or 022 3236618, they will be “pulled” from racing. Once this occurs there is no going back, you will not be able to ride.

There will be no reminder text messages or announcements – this is the rider’s responsibility.

Supporters Clothing:

This has now arrived and will be available at registration due to the timing.


Jersey Naming:

Font is black for surnames please – Yes I know – my last newsletter said white – sorry a small typo on my part...

Sponsors on your race Jersey: - IMPORTANT

There have been a few questions on the location and amount of Sponsor advertising that can be placed on the race shirts. This is all regulated by UCI and so that this is clear I have referred to Norm McCann for the sizing allowance and placement. He has responded with the following information;

The allocation of sponsors on race shirts is initially provided to BikeNZ as the National Federation of New Zealand. Under the UCI rules BikeNZ may at its sole discretion provide room for riders to place their own sponsors logos or details on the shirt.

Race Jerseys are submitted to the UCI for approval and this must be within the rules of the UCI and meet certain sizing requirements.

In 2013, the race jerseys have details down the left hand side including the manufacturer, BikeNZ, Sport New Zealand and the World Championships Logo; these are all placed by BikeNZ and are within the rules.

BikeNZ has granted the riders an area on the right hand side of the jersey front to place their personal sponsors onto the jersey. The approved area is between the sleeve seam and the centre of the shirt; it must not cover or be printed over the fern design that runs up the centre of the shirt. The maximum height of the space used is to be 10 cm in height, and a total area of no more that 64 cm2.

I have measured this on a Women’s XL shirt and the distance from the sleeve to the fern is 16 cm. This allows plenty of room to insert your sponsors within the allowable 64 cm2 area.

As this is the BikeNZ/UCI approved area – all sponsor details must be included within this area and can not be any larger than this.

Any sponsorship printing that is outside this area, will make your shirt unusable – please ensure you sponsor details are recorded correctly.

Rule 1.3.072 covers the penalties that will be imposed on riders who do not comply with the regulation clothing. Please have a look on – chapter 1 of the rules section.

Lets just say – the dollars get pretty big very quickly... Norm McCann.

Additional clothing:

The jerseys will not provide a lot of warmth while outside in the pits area – please ensure riders have another layer under their jersey to keep them warm. Remember it is winter and there is a reasonable amount of standing around in staging, pits etc.

Riders cannot take jackets or additional warm clothing into the staging area as there is nowhere to leave it.


Thank you to the riders that have taken the time to complete. Those that have not completed one and would like their details held with the Medical Team – please complete a form and bring it with you to the Registration.


The World Championships begin with the Official Open Ceremony which is at Vector Arena on Tuesday 23 July at 7 pm.

Knowing that many of you are competing the next day – the time has been made early and more importantly it will be limited to 30 minutes.

It is important for New Zealanders to get behind this piece of history for our sport in this country. So we would ask for as much support as possible. All riders are welcome and of course you can each bring two supporters with the wristbands you will be given from your registration packs.

There’s a Parade of Nations, some special cultural input and welcome speeches.


It has been mentioned that some may perform the Haka at the end of the Opening Ceremony within the Stadium. The Organisers have requested that this be held off until the closing ceremony – where the NZL riders and supporters can be seated together to gain the best impact.

Please respect the wishes of the Organising Committee in this request.


Over the weekend of 12 to 14 July, all contact numbers should receive a “test” SMS – text message from myself to confirm numbers.

If you do not receive the message, could you please email me your contact details so I may add you.

When you receive the test message – please do not reply.
Also, in future text messages, only reply if it is absolutely necessary please, use my email address, which I check regularly.

PRACTICE SESSIONS - Riding 2 classes 20” and Cruiser

Any riders who are competing in both cruiser and 20” need to think how they are going to run their practice sessions as there is no separate Cruiser practice. Talk to a coach or club member to see what is best for you.

Remember riders cannot swap sessions - If you are over 12, you will not be able to ride with the younger riders.


There is to be no food taken into the Vector Arena – this is a Vector rule – not ours!!!

However, riders in the pits area are able to take and eat food that has not been purchased at Vector. Riders need to take all food and beverage requirements for their session with them into the pits area, this should be in a backpack type bag so that the riders can control their bike, helmet and other gear they are carrying.

We do not advise for children to go and find their parents to get food as time is important and the riders need to be settled.

Thanks for the questions being asked through the email

I hope you are all enjoying the build-up to the Worlds.

Sue Walker

Sue Walker - NZL Team Manager

Sue Walker - NZL Team Manager




Laura Adair


Theresa Murphy

Christchurch City

Steve Lloyd


Brent Rutherford

East City

Corin Douglas


Caroline Fox


Margaret Quintal


Cushla Fevre

Hawkes Bay

Carl Berryman

Hutt Valley Thunderbolts

Jo Coombes


Sharon Reddish


Chrissy Perry


Georgina Mackay

Mountain Raiders

Dion Earnest


Hamish Clarke

New Plymouth

Wendy Lankshear

North Avon Christchurch

Christina Freeman

North Harbour

Donna Bhimy


Terry Wotton


Penny Nattrass


Cate Parr


Caroline McLeod


Robyn Laidlaw

Sunset Coast

Stu Stenhouse


Jane Hirst


Jill Peck

Te Awamutu

Susan McOnie

Te Kuiti

Brenda Grainger




Shaz Berry


Sue Vallancy

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