UCI BMX World Championships 2013 at the Nationals

As we all know the UCI BMX World Championships are fast approaching. We are getting to that exciting time when people are concerned about qualification and then preparation for the event. We are expecting there to be a pretty steady flow of information to the sport about how the New Zealand team will be managed on the day- but also how people can be involved with the event from now until its race time in July.

A BMX World Championships Information “Hub” will be run at the National Championships this coming weekend - and we are hoping as many people as possible will call by to touch base with plans.

It’s here that you will be able to:

• sign up as a volunteer for the event so that you can be part of building a terrific legacy for New Zealand BMX. By “legacy” we mean making the sport in this country “better” after the world championships has been and gone. “Improving the Sport” is an important part of why this event is being held here.

• Jobs will include volunteer ambassadors for overseas teams, survey assistance and managing other activities planned around the world championships (more on that at the Information Hub). There are lots of jobs!

• For the riders, you can get your photo taken in the photo studio within the Hub. We are keen to create a team poster of everyone and capture the NZ pride of being part of such a great event on the world stage.

• For riders, family and supporters, we will also have Sarah Walker in the photo studio, so people can have their photo taken with Sarah (and see up closer her Olympic medal!).

• Become a World Championship Ambassador – come and share your story with us – when you started riding, how you got into it, who else in your family rides, etc. We’re keen to create rider profiles so that you can be one of the World Championships Ambassadors. We hope to feature some of our lucky ambassadors in local newspapers and of course our Facebook/website page – to help spread the message about the World Championships and BMX as a sport.

• New Zealand challenge team management will be present to help you with any questions about how things are going to be run on the day- information will be e-mailed out about that in a newsletter shortly.

Call in to the team at the BMX World Championships hub – we will be there on Sunday for the day. We will be based in the “shop” area at the Cambridge BMX track- you won’t be able to miss us.

Best wishes

BMX New Zealand


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