Worlds Newsletter 2 – 19 April 2013

Welcome to the second newsletter for the New Zealand (NZL) riders in the lead up to the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships.

95 days to go – and counting...


Please make sure you have your World Championships 2013 entry form completed correctly with your clothing ordered also. Make the payment and hand the form over to your Club contact well before the 30th of April. (This will give your club person time to get all the data to BMX New Zealand before the close off)

CLOSE 7 MAY – INDIVIDUAL ENTRY DIRECTLY TO BMX New Zealand using the email address of ( )
Anyone who wishes to ride at the World Championships 2013, MUST complete a Wildcard entry form to be considered for unallocated spaces within classes offered.

There have been a few extra places open up in the 10/11/12/13 boys, if you would like to enter these classes – make sure you enter with a wildcard entry before the close off.


This has been a hot topic over the last week with some of our riders not being able to enter for the New Zealand Team.

It’s important to understand that this is not a new rule and that NZL does not make the rules for this event. It is a UCI (International Cycling Union) event and the rules about nationality come from there.

Riders who have advised BMX New Zealand that they do not have NZL citizenship have been provided with details of contacts in their country of citizenship.

If there are riders who are on the qualified listing or who did not qualify and are not citizens of NZL, and would like to enquire about riding for their native country, please email advising the riders name and age group, plus country of citizenship and we will locate contact details for the rider.

REMEMBER – all entries must have a copy of the rider’s NZL birth certificate, NZL passport or NZL certificate of citizenship with the entry form when you hand it to your club contact. No confirmation of citizenship will mean your entry can not be accepted.


CELLPHONE CONTACT: On the entry form there is a space to enter your cellphone contact during the Worlds – this is very important for you to complete as I attend Managers Meetings prior to and during the World Championships, where information may need to be given to riders and/or supporters. The fastest method of communication will be through SMS.

Jersey Sizing:

The 2013 jersey is compulsory for all riders to wear while practicing or riding at the World Championships 2013. Therefore, please ensure you order the correct jersey size.

I know there has been some confusion over the sizing - the chart that was issued with the entry form is confirmed as being correct, however the measure is for a ‘half chest’ and ‘half waist’ sizing.

To measure your size - if you didn't try a jersey on at Nationals -

Measure from under the armpit (at the joining seam) across the front to the other armpit. This is the chest measurement.

From the armpit seam join, measure down 18 cm on the side seam. Then measure across the front and this is the waist measurement.

Please remember to order larger for body armour as this must be worn under your race jersey. Neck braces are allowed over the top of your jersey.

Hope this helps people with their ordering.

Pre Worlds Training:

I hear there is some awesome training going on within Clubs, well done. Please ask your Club if you require a training programme as there are many fantastic coaches out there who are willing to help, if asked.

Rider info for at the Worlds:

Parents of younger riders: The group of accredited personnel (people allowed in the pits area) have all attended World Championship events in the past and are very experienced. They all place the rider’s interests foremost. I will be sending out a list of accredited personnel and more information on what is required in the pits area. Food, hydration, comfort items etc.

Finally, anyone who wishes to ride the World Championships 2013 – ENTER, ENTER, ENTER !!!!! Before the cut-offs.

If you would like to make contact with me, please email me on....

Sue Walker

Sue Walker - NZL Team Manager


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