April-May Newsletter


It's cooling down in Taupo - both with the temperature and also with our riders after Nationals in Tauranga!  Read on for more details!

2014 BMX Nationals
Taupo BMX Club was well represented at the 2014 Nationals held at Tauranga BMX Club.  Due to the weather over the Easter weekend, Nationals was cut short and the format was changed   with the challenge classes all rolled into Sunday only.
Taupo rode well and our riders took out 17 top 8 positions which while battling crashes and the never ending rain, was an awesome haul!
Mighty 11's trailing took place on Saturday with Rhys Halligan trailing, but just missing out.  There are video's of Rhys's racing up on our Facebook page.
Well done to the following Taupo BMX Riders who rode at nationals:
Class Rank
Bennett Sargison 6 Boys NZ 6
Thomas Kalan 7 Boys NZ 23
Zara Ranford 8 Girls NZ 7
Declan Weal 8 Boys NZ 11
Ezra Phillips 8 Boys NZ 45
Free Tomkinson 8 Boys NZ 52
Rhys Weston 8 Boys NZ 66
Abby Hirst 10 Girls NZ 16
Lucas Kalan 10 Boys NZ 27
Broden Newman 10 Boys NZ 42
Sheridan Miller 10 Boys NZ 48=
Michael Ranford 11 Boys NZ 21
Shannon Fox 11 Boys NZ 31
Jono Sargison 12 Boys NZ 3
Rhys Halligan 12 Boys NZ 7
Blake Osborne 12 Boys NZ 9
Karl Hooper 12 Boys NZ 26
Matthew Burns 13 Boys NZ 25
Logan Hirst 14 Boys NZ 2
Courtney Newman 16 Girls NZ 6
Joe Simpson 17-29 Male 20" NZ 21
Scott Sargison 30-39 Male 20" NZ 10
Ian Tomkinson 40-49 Male 20" NZ 20
Phil Simpson 50+ Male 20" NZ 4
Charlie Lester-Rosson 12 Girls NZ 1
Xania Miller 12 Girls NZ 4
Bayley Weal 12 Girls NZ 14
Broden Newman 8-10 Cruiser NZ 16
Michael Ranford 11-12 Cruiser NZ 2
Rhys Halligan 11-12 Cruiser NZ 8
Todd Halligan 13-14 Cruiser NZ 7
Matthew Burns 13-14 Cruiser NZ 9
Courtney Newman 13-16 Cruiser NZ 5
Kevin Tamepo 35-39 Cruiser NZ 6
Craig McIntosh 40-44 Cruiser NZ 3
Kylie Sargison 30-39 Cruiser NZ 4
Phil Simpson 50+ Cruiser NZ 6

Winter Club Nights

We have decided now that we have lighting at the track, we will keep on meeting throughout winter on Wednesday nights.  While we realise this may not suit everyone, this was decided so that families can keep their weekends free.  We may decide to reduce the number of motos in a night to allow you to get home earlier as it gets cooler.
We will take a break with May 28th being our last club night until 6th August.  Points will start again in September.


Lance has now finished training for this season and we thank him very much for all the time he put in and the skills that he taught our riders leading up to Nationals.
Thanks also to Dion for taking the Sprocket training on Mondays as well.  Again, much needed skills are passed onto the younger riders.


Prizegiving will be before the AGM on 8th of June.  This year, we are taking nominations for trophies and have attached the form to this email.  Please fill out ONE form per family only and return before 11th May 2014.  Return by email or hand into the points hut on Wednesday night.  Please remember that prize giving is for paid members of Taupo BMX Club.


The Taupo BMX Club AGM will be held straight after prize giving this year and will be on the 8th of June.  Times will be advised for both events.
We encourage you to be more involved with the club and there are always positions that need to be filled.  In particular this year, there will be some key positions that could be vacated if there is interest from new or existing committee members.  If you would like more information of positions available or would like to ask questions, by all means feel free to ask us!

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