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Next weekend, after Sunday's racing, we will need help as we are going to trial a new additive to the lime from the finish line to the points hut.  This needs to be done on Sunday afternoon as the additive needs a few days to settle, so we can't do it on the Saturday.  The additive is to hold the lime together and we have chosen the final straight/finish line as the test point.  If this works, then maintenance of the track will be minimal, so please give us a hand!  Should only be a few hours work.  Those who can help, please let John or Darryll know asap.


Well done to all the Taupo riders who took part in the 2013 BMX Nationals in Cambridge over Easter weekend.  We had a record amount of riders from Taupo, with most of the riders placing very well.  This years Nationals were huge due to Worlds being held in Auckland later this year.

Special mention goes to Charlie Lester-Rosson, Blake Osborne, Mark Harland-Croft, Xania Miller, Logan Hirst, Mel Giles and Steve Amrein who all made it through to the finals and have been ranked between NZ1 and NZ8.

NZ Rankings

5-6 Boys  Thomas Kalan 27=
7 Boys Declan Weal 19=
Ezra Philips 29=
Joel Amrein 50=
9 Boys Sheridan Miller 34
Lucas Kalan 39
Broden Newman 50=
9 Girls Abby Hirst 14
10 Boys Michael Ranford 9
Nate Buchanan 42
Shannon Fox 47=
11 Boys Blake Osborne 8
Rhys Halligan 19
Karl Hooper 20
11 Girls Charlie Lester-Rosson 3
Xania Miller 8
Bayley Weal 16=
12 Boys Matthew Burns 27=
13 Boys Mark Harland-Croft 1
Logan Hirst 3
Todd Halligan 36
Joshua Osborne 37
14 Boys Matt Ellison 22
15 Girls Courtney Newman 9
16 Boys Chris Purdie 13
17-24 Men Mike Gaskin 13
Dean Harland-Croft 30=
Connor Halligan 32
12 & Under Cruiser Rhys Halligan 9
Matthew Burns 18
13-14 Cruiser Mark Harland-Croft 4
30+ Cruiser Female Melissa Giles 3
35-39 Cruiser Male Craig McIntosh 12
40-44 Cruiser Male Steve Amrein 4
45+ Cruiser Male Phil Simpson 25=

BMXNZ National Series Results

BMXNZ runs the National Series with selected meets over the race calendar.  Only the best moto's points get carried forward from 10 rounds get counted.

Congratulations to the following Taupo riders who got top points and awards at Nationals prize giving:

Mark Harland-Croft  13 Boys 1st Place
Logan Hirst 13 Boys 2nd Place
Steve Amrein 40-44 Cr 1st Place


Having now concluded the 2013 BMX Nationals, which completes the qualification process to entitle NZL BMX Riders to compete at the upcoming 2013 UCI BMX World Championships being hosted in Auckland’s Vector Arena this July, BMZ NZ is now able to confirm the riders who have secured their eligibility to compete.

Taupo BMX is proud to announce and congratulate the following members who have qualified to compete at the World Championships:

Thomas Kalan, Declan Weal, Ezra Philips, Michael Ranford, Blake Osborne, Karl Hooper, Rhys Halligan, Matthew Burns, Logan Hirst, Mark Harland-Croft, Matt Ellison, Mike Gaskin, Chris Purdie, Abby Hirst, Bayley Weal, Charlie Lester-Rosson, Xania Miller, Courtney Newman, Craig Mcintosh, Keven Tamepo, Steve Amrein and Melissa Giles.

Tauranga Club Champs

Tauranga BMX Club today held the first of their BMX Club Champs.  The second will be held next Sunday.  This is UCI style racing and again, is a great opportunity to get more bike time under UCI race conditions on a different track.  Taupo Club members are more than welcome to participate.

Check out our website for more info:  http://www.taupobmx.org.nz/news/2013/04/tauranga-bmx-club-champs/


We we endeavouring to have lights up on Wednesday nights at the track - weather permitting.  This is for worlds participants who want to get in extra riding.  While there is no official training, it is a good opportunity to get extra gate and track time in.

SUBS/Club Membership

A reminder that if your child has had their three free nights and wishes to continue to ride at the club, then you must pay membership fees.  This all helps to run the club and a portion has to go to BMX NZ.

Please check out the information here: https://taupobmx.org.nz/joiningbmx.html


It's nearly that time again - the Taupo BMX Annual General Meeting.  This year it will be held on 9th June at 4pm at Suncourt Hotel/The Mousetrap.  If you want to get more involved in the running of the club, make sure you come along and have your say.

Up and Coming Events

BMXNZ fliers for race meets can be downloaded from here:


The 2012/2013 Race Calendar is here:  http://www.taupobmx.org.nz/events.html

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