2011 North Island Titles

A group of 18 riders headed to Gisborne for the RaboDirect BMX North Island Titles 2011 over Labour Weekend with great success.

A range of riders aged from 5 years to over 50, both male and female, represented Taupo.

With new sponsored shirts for the event, the team of Taupo riders looked very smart and ready to race.  A number of riders were competing in the North Island for the first time and they were looking forward to the big event.

Many riders were defending North Island titles and supporters were anticipating some great racing.

Some races were determined by points overall for six mottos, while others were determined by points added and a Dead Man final for the top eight riders.


Junior Men:
Michael Gaskin - 8th

Mighty 11 Class:
Mark Harland-Croft - 6th
Logan Hirst - 13th

5 & Under Mixed
Declan Weal - 4th
Joel Amrein - 19th

7 Boys
Sheridan Miller - 18th
Broden Newman - 19th

7 Girls
Abby Hirst - 7th

8 Boys
Michael Ranford - 11th
Nate Buchanan - 15th

9 Girls
Xania Miller - 7th

9 Boys
Blake Osborne - 5th

8-10 Cruiser
Kiaan Watts - 3rd

10 Boys
Kiaan Watts - 6th
Matther Burns - 18th

11 Boys
Mark Harland-Croft - 1st
Logan Hirst - 2nd
Joshua Osborne - 11th

13 Girls
Courtney Newman - 7th

17-29 Male 20"
Dean Harland-Croft - 13th

35-39 Cruiser Male
Steve Amrein - 1st

50+ Male 20"
Phil Simpson - 2nd

50+ Male Cruiser
Phill Simpson - 4th

Taupo Team 2011 North Island Titles

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