Central Region Update

Hi all

Congratulations to Gisborne BMX Club for holding a professional, positive and very enjoyable weekend of racing.  Your venue was well prepared and all the hours of planning and preparation were definitely well received.

Congratulations also to all the riders who represented your club and region so well. Whatever placing you made, the effort of training and then for some, traveling to Gisborne, must have been worth something.  Well done.

Thanks to the Rotorua Club for hosting the Australian Mighty 11 team and others on their way to the North Islands.

Thanks to all those who volunteered during the North Island titles in Gisborne.
I know volunteering is often an unrewarding position but just think about those riders who were out there being able to ride due to the volunteers.  So, those of you within our region that helped out, a huge thank you.  (our regional number of volunteers continues to grow well). To those others who think about helping – we would really appreciate your support within the sport (we need to keep new people stepping up and offering – the oldies can only go for so long). To those who sit and complain – think before you speak

As some of you may know, Dave Dijk is stepping down as Commissaire due to his many other commitments.  He has held roles of responsibility since 1995 or earlier, (from rider to Commissaire and stuff in-between) and has competently completed all tasks asked of him during this time.  A big thank you from all of us Dave.  It has been very much appreciated.

Our next two regional race meetings for the year are on 10th December in Rotorua (they have been busy building up their viewing platform and other preparations for the Nationals 2012) and on 11th December there is the opening of the new Tauranga track, at the Cambridge Road Park and this is a NQM meet.

The Sulphur Point track was handed back to the Tauranga City Council at the end of October this year and will very soon after that be bulldozed.  There are a lot of great memories for many of us from that track. Reading and hearing a couple of reports, the Tauranga club all pulled together and made a huge job of moving all their possessions from Sulphur Point to the new track location an easier task. Well done Tauranga   The new track will be fully ride able in the very near future.

Tauranga is also selling some beautiful trees to be planted around their new venue, so if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact the Tauranga Club.

Taupo’s turn to shine is on 12th February with their NQM meeting.

It would be great for the continued support we have in the region to continue at these three meets.
To all the other things that are happening in the region and beyond that I haven’t mentioned –
Once all the clubs have established when their summer club nights are to be held – could you please email those to me so we can let other clubs within the region know. Thanks.

Contacts:  taurangabmx@gmail.com     rotovegasbmx@hotmail.com   d.foxy@xtra.co.nz  (Gisborne)
hbbmxsecretary@xtra.co.nz (Hawkes Bay)   Wattsup@xtra.co.nz  (Andrea & Warren Watts)

Thanks again all
Sue Walker

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