Club Update

Thank you to the person who took the time to cover the drain hole at the track. Nigel was elected to make a cover up for this on the day of the working bee last weekend. He completed his today and saw someone had beaten him to it.

The track looks great after last Saturdays working bee. Thank you to all of the volunteers who put in such a hard and for some, long days work. That one day certainly made a huge difference to be enjoyed by all members. If everyone can lend a hand at the weekly race meets to keep the track maintained it will less work all round.

Eight members volunteered to raise funds for the club by marshalling at the half marathon today. Thank you to all of them, especially Phil Rielly who did an extra long stint when the need arose!  Collectively they totalled 20 hours @ $12 an hour. The consensus was that it was easy money and well worth doing again and for other events that are coming up in Taupo. Maybe we will have more volunteers next time. I will try to get the information on any other events out to you well before the event.

We have a group of riders who have chosen to go through to Gisborne this Saturday the 13th to train with Steve at this years  North Island Champs track and race on Sunday at the third meet of the Winter series. Thank you for your organisation and voluntary training Steve. More are car pooling and all are staying at the Top Ten holiday park at a reduced group rate in Gisborne so lots of fun will be had by all the family.

Our first Sunday race day back is on the 21st of this month. We have a Committee Meeting tomorrow (Monday) at 7.30pm. The minutes will be sent out to all members. Please refer to them for dates times etc.

Remember the Taupo Winter series Meet is coming up on the 28th  of August. We hope to have as many of our members there as possible. Annette has kindly offered to manage the track shop for this meet which is fantastic because it is a chance to raise some much needed  funds for the club while providing a delicious service to all at the track that day. It would be great if all members would make them selves available before and on the day to lend a hand at track prep, in the kitchen, watching out for stray children of members doing a job on the day or anywhere else you may be needed. That way everyone gets to enjoy some time watching their kids/parents/partners ride.

Just a note to all key code holders to respect our track and each other when using the track. Everyone who has signed up for the code has as much right as the next code holder to be there and enjoy/care for our track.

Taupo BMX is a smoke free, family friendly club and the language we use with each other and ours/each others children goes toward creating/maintaining a place that everyone can enjoy.

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