Committee Meeting AUG 8 2011


VENUE – Andrea’s Home - 8 August 2011, 7:30pm


Welcome and Meeting Open 7.35pm
Present- Paul B, Laurie, Rachel, Phil S, Colin, Steve A, Rick, Tina W, Andrea, Kate, Dean

Apologies -

Confirmation of Previous Minutes – Read by Laurie, passé by Paul, seconded by Steve


Treasurers Report-
See attached
$8323.23 chq
$3576.56 shop ac

$5363.79 funds avail
Passed by Laurie, seconded by Colin

Start Ramp update – Funding
No luck yet. To try Contact Energy, Mc Donalds? Lotteries, pub charities, Youth Town
What is the reason we are not getting any funding?

The gate remains our priority. Gate approx $6000.00. Go for smaller amounts and piece it together to come up with some or all of what we need.

Someone to go to Sierra cafe and bend the Councillors ears. Take some quotes/info.

Colin says we could/should make our own gate. Rotorua’ s gate is home made. Find out what design they used.

Break it down into stages so it is not as daunting.

Do we get a group together to build the gate? What expertise do we have in the club to work together to build a safe, effective gate that can be tweaked to eventually fit a new ramp.
Kelly Franks (Taupo Tow bars), Warren Watts, Colin Hooper, Steve Amrein.
Steve to talk to the Rotorua guy this weekend and see what was behind the design. We need a plan! We need a price by next meeting.

Goal could be to have it done by Feb

King of the Ring for fundraising? How many people do we need? Bent Marshall from the radio station (Media Works). Andrea to txt Jane about whether or not they have put us through yet.

General Business
Race Shirts for riders – Tina secured $2000.00 sponsorship. If members pay half we will be able to order 40 shirts.

Paul mentioned the Taupo District Sports Advisory Group for more sponsorship. Tina and Paul to follow up.

Design moved by Tina, passed by Laurie and seconded by Andrea

Feedback on Possible change of Club night back to Wednesday, where is this at. Positive feedback for Mon training and Wed racing this coming season. Dates yet to be confirmed.

Who is going to do the Sprocket training? Steve is committed to comp training for Worlds. A Sprocket parent or two would be ideal. Andrea to send an e mail out. Courses are avail to learn about Sprocket coaching.

What does Steve get in return? He is happy to do Mondays free of charge but weekend lessons could incur a fee. Andrea to e mail who may be interested so Steve can assess.

Promoting Club through speaking at schools and kindys.

Shops future. We need someone to manage the weekly roster and oversee the shop. Different members can do the sausages and bacon butties. Darryl mentioned that Anne Marie

Darryl re data base names and details
Keep members on the data base. Remind the members when their membership is due.
Darryl can type up an explanation of what he has planned and I will send it out to all members.
Confirm night for daylight savings meets At the next meeting.

Winter series meet – duties delegated
Gate- Aaron (Steve to take battery charger)
Points- Jane and Kate
Marshaling- Paul and Kerry
Call up- Laurie
Table Top- Lance
First Aid- James Swanson, Kerry Weal, Kate H
PA system- Steve to ask Shane Scott
Commentator- Dennis Howlett from Tauranga
Shop- Annette

Finish Line- Sprayed, Andrea

Raffle- Paula to organise and Caleb to sell $50 note raffle.

Track- Everyone
Rubbish- Paul to phone council

Track open on Saturday 27th from 9am until 6pm. Andrea to open and close.


Review of Working Bee- Great progress. Want to put a retaining wall on the side near the shop to tidy it up and stop it crumbling. What expertise, contacts do we have in members.

Shaun Stock did a lot of groundwork re materials to improve the track. Management at his work has changed and he needs to come back to us with costs

Thank you notes to:
-Shaun Stock
-Grant Amundsen for supplying metal

E Jays Contractors for supplying the digger
John Wade, Wade Construction for supplying the truck and bob cat
Huka Honda
Hynds for donating the.... more than welcome to put a sign up at the track and on our web site
Andrea to do a general letter and send to Laurie to fill in particulars and personally drop off.

Steve mentioned we need someone to attend the AGM if we want to be included

Coach Steve needs a phone list of people who would like to be called for coaching dates and times.
Re Gisborne- Meeting at the track at 7am. Please let Steve know if you are not planning to meet up so they will not wait for you. No bedding or towels are required at the Waikanae Top Ten Motor Camp. Bring along something for a shared BBQ on Sat night.

Next working bee is day of first club day at 10am, racing registration 2pm and racing starts 2.30pm.

Closed at 9.45pm

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