FINAL Information for the riders of New Zealand NEWSLETTER 6

Welcome to the 6th and FINAL newsletter for the New Zealand (NZL) riders in the lead up to the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships, it has been my pleasure to provide you all with information as we build our lead up to what is going to be the biggest BMX event in New Zealand. Personally I would like to wish every rider all the very best – you are being provided with one of the best opportunities in BMX that you can ever have.....

Hold your breath – We are nearly there


Sunday 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm 

Monday 8.00 am to 9.00 am

Rider packs are to be collected at the Waldorf Stadium Apartments, 40 Beach Rd, Auckland. You can not send a ‘proxy’ - Riders must collect own race pack.

Riders must bring their current licence to registration for collection of race packs, if you do not have a current licence card – please bring drivers licence or other photo identification – we will have people doing registration that do not know you – your help please on this...

We have planned a system so that the registration process can be run as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Please follow these instructions;

Riders - enter the main Waldorf Stadium Apartments entrance and follow the signs
to a registration room.

Tables will be set up in an alphabetical system, by surname.

Show your licence and you will be handed your race pack.

Please - NO bikes – but Mum and Dad can come along with you.
Pants and Supporters gear – This has now arrived in the country – there will be a separate table for collecting these items at the registration – look out for the sign if you have ordered gear or if your entry was a Late Entry.

Questions – please do not hold up the registration people – I will be available to assist with questions – please ASK ME – so the lines will continue to move – We have a staggering 844 riders to register.

There will be no reminders if you have not registered or pre arranged a pickup time with me. 



New Zealand has been allocated three practice sessions. Management have planned the following format for both Monday and Tuesday to ensure everyone gets the best possible track times

11:30 – 12:40 13 years and over - 20” only

13:00 – 14:30 Under 12 – 20” only (the largest practice group for NZers)

14:30 – 15:25 All Cruiser classes – no 20”

Practice Clothing:

All race gear must be on and you are required to wear the NZ jersey.

Remember - Jersey over the top of body armour and other protective gear except neck braces. Number plates and side plates must be attached correctly.

We suggest you take your bikes into the pits area after 10:00 am. You must find the NZL TEAM pits area – please don’t just go anywhere within pits as other countries will be practicing and do not want you near their space.

The first practice starts at 11:30, so the 13 and over riders will need to be racked and ready to ride from the gate at 11:20. This will have you ready 10 minutes prior to our session starting but will ensure we fully use the time we have been given.

We are all TEAM NEW ZEALAND – PLEASE - do not push and shove while waiting your turn, we have big numbers and we all have to work together as a team to make the most of this.

It is my Teams responsibility to make sure you all have a fair chance at riding the track and any hassles to staff or other riders, may result in you being stood down from the practice session.

Both inside and outside the stadium and pits area - your bikes are your responsibility, if you are doing both 20” and cruiser and if you bring both bikes into the pits area, please ensure you lock the bike not being ridden. Make sure the key is safe!!!!!

Cameras – Helmet or other:

The New Zealand management team have decided that no cameras (helmet, chest, frame etc) can be used during practice and racing. The issues surrounding accident, non- approved equipment, hold-ups etc will outweigh the positives. Please adhere to this request.

The UCI rules state that the helmet bracket for camera’s must be fixed with Velcro or tape – if you do have a bracket – please ask one of the Team Managers to check it for you – we don’t want you at the gate and being turned away due to an unsafe helmet.

Lane Picking:

All riders who move into the qualifiers and the final will be asked to choose their lane. Especially for the younger riders – please be aware of this and be ready to choose the lane you would like – remember if it is already taken – then you have to choose again. There isn’t much time to do this – so make sure you have a couple of choices ‘up your sleeve’ !!!!


As stated previously, riders who happen to require first aid assistance will be accompanied in the first aid room by an accredited team member. If the doctors agree to a support/parent being present, we will contact you via cell phone or in person. Please do not push security to allow you through. We have all riders’ interests foremost and will do our best to help anyone in a medical situation.


Parents of 5 – 9 Year olds
On Thursday morning after the 3 motos, all non-qualifiers will be taken through security and into the Arena spectator viewing area. Watch out for the NZL flag which the Team Manager will be holding to show where the riders are based. Parents – please meet your rider and then you can both watch the rest of racing.

Bikes can be left in the pits and collected at the end of their session.


Although a parent zone is offered to parents to see their riders, it is for the rider’s interest that this is not used.

The distance between pits and the area means we can not manage the area and can also not go looking for your rider if they are in this area. This could mean riders may miss their race.

Calculating the rounds, there will only be a 30-40 minute gap between rounds. If you take the time for riders to exit the arena, rehydrate, refuel, toilet stops, relax, warm up and then head back to staging, there is in reality, no time to see anyone. Team Management will not be chasing riders who wish to go to the Parent Zone.

Please ask your riders not to use this area.


It is a good idea for a spare pair of gloves to be placed in the rider’s helmet bag. Invariably, someone loses one glove or both and to know there is a spare pair relieves a bit of stress.


The NZL pits area will have signs showing areas for each group of riders to congregate. For example, all the 5-6 boys will be in one area, 7 boys in another and the same for the other age groups please. This way we can keep an eye on the whole group and ensure all riders make their races. If one goes to the toilet, many or all go (younger riders......)

We suggest that riders buddy up with someone in the same age group from their club or someone they know the same age. Food, seating and other things can be shared between these riders then and it saves riders racing around looking for their bags etc.


As mentioned previously, if riders write their plate number on their right arm in vivid and their lanes for first three motos on their left arm.

Sounds silly – well it’s not....

Riders will always know their lanes for the first 3 motos and knowing they can check them at any time – reducing stress

If the riders forget their bike number in staging – they can check on their arm – this also helps if they have an accident as the medical people can identify the rider via their plate number.


We have a great bike mechanic (Tim) who will be in the pits area during the four days of Challenge practice and racing. He is there to perform basic repairs to ensure riders are on the gate. E.g. punctures, tightening or loosening chains, checking brakes, cables etc BUT he will not be asked to do any major repairs during race time.

I would like to take this time to say a huge thanks to Tim and his employer Bob’s Bikes of Hamilton.

Tim has been given the time off work, covered by Bob at Bob’s Bikes and is working for us at the World Championships on a volunteer basis.

Tim and Bob, on behalf of Team New Zealand we owe our thanks to you.

Waikato people – make sure you call in and support Bob’s Bikes in Flagstaff!!!!


Bring a backpack with your race day requirements – food, drink, basic bike spares (tube), squab, named clothing/drink bottle etc please
If you damage your wristband or bar codes, you need to see me quickly so I can arrange a replacement.

Don’t forget your 2013 issue NZL race jersey. This is to worn whenever you ride the track. Top 4 go through to the next stage.
Bring some warm clothing for the pits area.
Bring your BMXNZ licence to registration.

Tickets for Championship days to be purchased by Challenge riders
Write the bike plate number on your right arm/wrist and the lanes on your left arm/wrist. Bring your eyes, ears, manners and a smile.



Kia kaha Kiwis

Sue Walker

Sue Walker - NZL Team Manager

Sue Walker - NZL Team Manager




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