King of the Ring – Final Update

The following is from Kylie Hawker, our organiser for King of the Ring. Please read carefully and reply to me with any questions you have as soon as possible. Cheers Andrea Watts


The doors will have security when you arrive - please tell the staff that you are a volunteer and they will let you in.

Ideally, it would be great if the volunteers can park across the road if possible so the Events Centre car park can be kept free for guests.

We'll assemble all the volunteers by the Ring in the middle of the room at 4pm sharp for briefing and to issue T'shirts.

All volunteers to wear black trousers, slacks or a skirt and practical dress shoes (ie no sneakers please).

You will be provided with a King of the Ring black volunteer T'shirt to wear


It is a 10am  start for Sunday pack up volunteers. They mentioned it would be a minimum of two hours but could be up to four hours work.

I am in the process of filling in a form with all 20 of our names and the particular shifts we will each be doing.

Thank you all  again for volunteering for this. The story is that it will be hard work but lots of fun.

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