KOTR, Parade and Ramp/Gate

Hi all, our team of volunteers for King of the Ring are ready for Saturday evening 4pm when we start off. Some will work until 9pm and others will stay on for the 12pm finish. Another part of our team are scheduled for the Sunday clean up at 10am. The organiser did mention the more hands, the earlier the finish on Sunday so if you find yourself with an hour or two to spare and are feeling fit and healthy (ish at least) please go down to the events centre and lend a hand.

Hope to see you looking all looking Christmassy (club colours are light and darker blue)  at the parade by 12.30 this Saturday the 3rd Dec. I will purchase some lollies for the walkers in our group to throw to the crowd. If by any chance you have access to a supply of lollies, please feel free to bring them along and add them to our stash.

We are gathering at 93 Tamatea Road (My place) for a Ramp/Gate meeting at 7.30pm Monday 5th Dec. If you are a  member who has skills (builders, earth works, concrete, electrical, drainage, engineering, welding, general handy people etc) that could be put toward constructing our new ramp and start gate we would like to have you join us that night or contact us asap.

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