Rider Licencing

2015 Licences

With the Central Region Winter Series now running, we want to make sure everyone is licenced so they can race at any of the rounds.

To ride you must have a 2015 licence. To race at any of the out of town race meets you must have either a sprocket or an open licence if you only have a club licence then you will have to up grade to an open licence. Those on a club licence will only be able to race at our Winter Series meet.

If you are also considering riding at the 2015 Pre North’s and 2015 North Island Champs that we are hosting in September and October you will need to have an Open or a Sprocket licence. Racing at some of the Winter Series meets would be a great build up to our big events coming up. It would be great for people to licence or up grade as soon as possible so your licence is processed by our club and BMXNZ with plenty of time.



Taupo Strider Licence $35 (uci age 4yrs and under)
BMXNZ Open Licence $105 (uci age 8yrs and over)
BMXNZ Sprocket Licence $80 (uci age 7yrs and under)
BMXNZ Club Licence $60 (uci age 8yrs and over)

Upgrade from Club to Open $45
Upgrade from Strider to Sprocket $45

For the kids that turn 8 this year, you have to choose between a Club or an Open Licence. With a Club licence, you can only ride at club nights and our home Central Region Winter Series round. If you want to race at race meets on the BMXNZ calendar, then you will need an Open licence. If you get a Club licence and then decide that you would like to do race meets then you can upgrade to an Open licence for another $45.

For 7 & unders you have to get a Sprocket Licence which includes a number plate. You are able to race at any race meet on the BMXNZ calendar just like an Open licence.

For any new members I will require a COPY of a birth certificate or passport before I can send your licence to BMXNZ.

All these fees run from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015 and include access into the track.

Please note that you must be licenced BEFORE entries close for any race meet you want to attend.

Any questions please contact Jane on 0274159939

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