Training starts 31st October

Training for all riders with a BMXNZ licence and a gold coin donation (to cover running of the gate) will be at 5.30pm on a Monday night starting 31st Oct.

Please note that parent help, setting up etc is much appreciated and parent/caregiver attendance is compulsory for all riders 9 years and under.

There must be an adult at the track (other than the coach) who is responsible for your child at all times. They are happy to do the training but please do not ask the coaches to be responsible for the care of your child.

We are looking for volunteers to train as a coach. Steve would appreciate not having to be there every Monday. You do not have to be a rider to fulfil this role. Maybe someone who has a young rider coming through and wants to support them and others within our club.

Some of the older child riders at the club do a great job of mentoring our young riders but are not able to commit to regular training when they are reliant on their working parents for transport to and from the club on a regular basis.

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