Tuesday Night Training

Apologies, but there was some incorrect information in last night's emails regarding Tuesday night training.  Please disregard that info and read below...

Tuesday Night Training

Steve's training is on tomorrow night (TUESDAY) and also will be held on Thursday night as well.  This training is only available for those riders who will be riding at Nationals and/or Worlds.


Tuesday 19th March 6.00pm

Thursday 21st March 6.00pm

Tuesday 26th March 6.00pm

Sprocket Training

Due to safety issues with too many riders being on the track during training, from Tuesday 17th March, sprocket training will commence at 5pm through till 5.30pm.  If sprockets want to use the gate after training, they are welcome (supervision and gate operator permitting), until the next training group starts at 6.00pm.

We then request that ALL riders apart from the ones training with Steve, vacate the track. This is to ensure that Sprockets and the advanced training group have a fair chance on the track and also enhances safety..  With Nationals and Worlds looming, preference will be given to those riders attending Nationals and Worlds.

Sprocket training will finish at Easter and will re-commence in summer. Huge thanks goes to Mel Weston, Laurie, Matt Harvey and all others that have helped with sprocket training.

Sprocket Training Dates:

Tuesday 19th March 5.00pm

Tuesday 26th March 5.00pm

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