2013 UCI BMX World Championships – EXTENDED ENTRY PERIOD

Congratulations to all the riders that have entered and will be riding the NZL colours at ‘OUR” World Championships in Auckland’s Vector Arena.

The entries have closed and the New Zealand team will consist of 816 riders – with NZL having the scope to take entries up to 1,215 for the event.

A number of riders have not entered under the Wild Card scheme, believing that the classes were full and there would not be opportunities to enter and gain a place in the NZL Team.  There are spaces available in a number of classes, which the BMX New Zealand Council has decided to open up to anyone who has not entered in the classes available and is wanting the opportunity to take part on the World Championships.

There are a couple of points to note:

1/Entry selection will be on a first come basis.
2/A rider can enter one of the classes listed – even if the rider has already entered in the 20” or Cruiser class and had their entry accepted.
3/Entry fee is $175 per class.
4/Entry period closes midnight Monday 20 May 2013
5/Jersey costs have increased as these will be made on a ‘late order’ basis which has a higher cost from the Supplier.

Please consider entering one of the below classes – it would be great to have all our classes full. 

5-6 Boys
15 Boys
16 Boys
25-29 Men 20"
30+ Men 20"
5-7 Girls
8 Girls
9 Girls
10 Girls
11 Girls
12 Girls
13 Girls
14 Girls
15 Girls
16 Girls
17+ Female 20"
13-14 Cruiser - Male
15-16 Cruiser - Male
17-24 Cruiser - Male
25-29 Cruiser - Male
30-34 Cruiser - Male
35-39 Cruiser - Male
40-44 Cruiser - Male
16 & Under Cruiser - Female
17-29 Cruiser - Female
30+ Cruiser - Female
Masters 30+ Male 20"

If you have any questions or would like to know any further information, please ask by return email.

DOWNLOAD:  2013 UCI World Championships Entry form - LATE ENTRY

Email has gone to all clubs and families on data base

Kind regards

Christine Misa
BMX NZ Administrator

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