2013 UCI BMX World Championship Challenge Rider Qualification

Having now concluded the 2013 BMX Nationals, which completes the qualification process to entitle NZL BMX Riders to compete at the upcoming 2013 UCI BMX World Championships being hosted in Auckland’s Vector Arena this July, BMZ NZ is now able to confirm the riders who have secured their eligibility to compete.

Attached is a list of riders by UCI Age Category who have successfully earned their eligibility to compete at these 2013 UCI BMX World Championships.

NZL, if all eligible allocations were to be filled, could see a possible 1,216 entries competing, yet currently based upon the completed selection process NZL will have 830 riders qualified, with a further breakdown in riders below, these numbers only cover Challenge riders:-

Qualified – 20”

Female 174 from an entitlement of 357
Male 415 from an entitlement of 455
Master 11 from an entitlement of 16

Qualified - Cruiser

Female 48 from an entitlement of 99
Male 182 from an entitlement of 289

Over the next few days for New Zealand riders the UCI BMX World Championship Entry Form will be distributed.

A number of the categories are as you will see are under subscribed and it is interesting to note that there has been a good level of communication and interest concerning riders desiring to achieve entry into the World Champs, for those not qualified and wishing to compete you will need to complete the Wild Card Entry Form and support documentation in order to be considered for an allocation of a wild card entry.

There is to be a Media release over the course of this weekend concerning the announcement of the NZL Challenge Team.

The media and marketing profile of this event will now be increased with much focus on ‘branding’ these World Championships during the lead up to July and it is hoped that we as a Sport may provide our contribution in so far as communicating and discussing the event widely within our various circles to increase the publics awareness of this significant Sporting event being held in New Zealand. In that way we can be assured of seeing a packed, strong and parochial New Zealand crowd cheering on our very own potential World Champions and Finalists.

Congratulations to all of those who have qualified, perhaps for now take a short breather post the Nationals, prepare your training schedule and establish a structured training plan that will see you through to being in the peak of conditioning come late July 2013.


Michael Batterton
BMX New Zealand

Download the lists from here:

BMX New Zealand Worlds 2013 Qualification - Male 20 Inch

BMX New Zealand Worlds 2013 Qualification - FEMALE 20 Inch

BMX New Zealand Worlds 2013 Qualification - Male Cruiser

BMX New Zealand Worlds 2013 Qualification - FEMALE Cruiser

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