BMXNZ Transponder Purchasing Process

BMXNZ has pushed live the transponder purchasing process to the BMXNZ website, so anyone can now purchase the correct transponders to be used at the BMXNZ Major Meetings.

The place to get these is online at; > TRANSPONDERS > Transponder Purchasing 

You can place your order by entering all the details and quantity that you wish to order.  Payment is made by direct credit to the BMXNZ bank account off line.  Once this is received in the BMXNZ account, we will release your order for packing & dispatch.

The one price of $60 each covers everything – Transponder, packing, freight & GST.

Delivery – 3-5 days after the dispatch of goods, depending on location.

On the BMXNZ website there is all sorts of info about;
– Registration
– Installation
– Sprockets
– Warranty

As we get more info, or people are asking similar questions, we will keep adding information.

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