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This is a small update from some of the BMXNZ Officiating Team that has been working with you all during the BMXNZ Race Season Meets.

The following points are the main points that the sport needs to get up to speed on, to make sure we are all riding within the rules come Nationals & beyond.

GoPro & other device mounts on helmets.

Please see rule 2.024 Helmets, in the BMXNZ rule book. It requires all fixings for cameras are to be removed.

The theory here is that device mounts create a weak point in the helmets shell, should an impact hit at that point.

Please make sure these are removed for all BMXNZ Calendared events, especially Nationals.

Handle Bar Ends

Covered in rule 2.034 Grips are mandatory & must completely cover the end of the handlebars.

As you can imagine a handlebar without covered ends acts as a hole-punch & would take cylindrical core samples of any body part if landed on in an accident. This rule is critical to rider safety & must be followed, please make sure you have bar ends.

Number Plates

As covered off previously in October 2016, number plates must be clear & readable by officials at all race meets. The Oct 16 letter attached details all of this.

Please note, as advised previously, the plates supplied at the 2016 North Island Titles were manufactured incorrectly & should not be used at any further race meetings. 

Code of Conduct

BMXNZ has a code of conduct covering all riders , their parents & guardians. These documents are there to protect not only your child & other children in the sport, but all riders no matter the age. Behaviour breaking this code will not be accepted by BMXNZ.

The links to the code of conduct are;

Rider/Member - https://www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/media/945/945.pdf
Parent/Guardian - https://www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/media/944/944.pdf


Something that BMXNZ is taking very seriously, as BMX is an action sport & pushing the limits can have some very hard knocks. Concussion is not to be treated lightly as it can have very deadly outcomes. As per rule 1.037, this applies in all suspected cases.

Any rider who sustains a suspected head injury and/or concussion must stand down from any form of racing or training on a BMX track for a minimum period of 3 weeks.  A rider must obtain written clearance from a doctor before they can return to riding.  Any rider who appears groggy, unsteady or confused after sustaining a knock to the head is likely to have received concussion or a head injury and should follow the procedures above.

It is the responsibility of the clubs & the sport individuals to help protect each other. Let someone know if you see a head injury at any time, as a secondary concussion could result in lasting brain issues or death.

BMXNZ & the officiating team are not trying to be grim, but these are the issues reoccurring at this time & the team want to make sure everyone is aware & be on point, leading into Nationals.

The full BMXNZ rule book is linked here:- https://www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/media/338/338.pdf

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