Qualification for Worlds 2013 – AKL

Having completed the Rotorua 17-24 Male 20” racing on Saturday the riders who have qualified for the UCI BMX World Championships have now been finalised.

The attached sheets set out the classes and the names of the riders that have conditionally qualified for the 2013 Worlds.
There are some notes that you need to be aware of;

1/Any rider listed in the attached file – must enter and compete at the Cambridge National Championships to be held at Easter 2013 to hold their qualification spot.
2/As host Nation – NZL are permitted to enter up to 32 riders per class offered.
3/Classes where a NZL rider obtained a World plate in 2012 – NZL can enter additional riders above the 32 ceiling.
4/Female Cruiser classes – these have been changed at UCI level – the attached sheet has been aligned to the new classes.
5/Masters Class – This is a special class for 30+ Male 20” riders. NZL can select 16 riders for this class, with these riders competing for the places at Nationals 2013.
6/Questions – please email worlds@bmxnz.co.nz

Male Cruiser 2013
Male 20 inch 2013
Female Cruiser 2013
Female 20 inch 2013

Thanks and kind regards
Norm McCann

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