2016 Lakesider

The Lakesider event is fast approaching.

This is a new part of the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, where first timers, and younger ones can take part in a 16km course. 

We need helpers to Marshall this event.Its a lot of fun, and its ONLY for 2 hours on Saturday 26th November. 12 to approx 2pm

If you are able to PRETTY PLEASE help out the BMX Club, we would greatly appreciate it.

The funds raised from doing this goes back to the club for ALL club members- (not just those that travel away).  It helps keep the track and club running.

So PLEASE let Anne-Marie know if you are able to spare 2 hours ASAP by return e-mail.

You will also get a cool T-shirt from the cycle challenge to wear while marshaling,  so make sure you reply with your shirt size.

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