2013 BMX World Championships : Event Programme

This note is to update you on matters relating to the running of the 2013 BMX World Championships in Auckland. Arranging a schedule of events has been an important piece of work and has been ongoing for some time now. Some of the important considerations in working up an event schedule has been to try and keep the event duration within reasonable proportions (preferably four days), allowing for time to reconfigure the BMX track following the challenge events for championship racing, and to allow for championship practice before the time trials event.

One of the serious issues that has been tackled is that of providing a racing environment that meets both the needs of challenge and championship riders. This involves providing starting facilities that mean challenge riders ride off a 5 metre start ramp, with championship riders using an 8 metre starting position. The issue of developing a start ramp that accommodates both needs has been challenging.

Equally, it is necessary to re-build certain parts of the track following challenge racing, to enable it to used properly for the championship events. So the work around developing a workable schedule has to include time for the start ramp and parts  of the BMX track to be re-build for the championship events.

As many of you know, the challenge cruiser event has recently been held as the last phase of racing. The decision for the Auckland world championships has been for cruiser racing to be held as part of the challenge events, earlier in the programme. This also means that the BMX track need only be altered once, for the championship events. This format should be to the advantage of cruise participants, as it draws them into the main challenge racing, rather than racing as an isolated event at the end of the programme.

Until now the days of the event has been advertised as being over four competition days, between 25 and 28 July 2013. A consideration of all logistic factors has arrived at a change. The event will indeed be held over four competition days, but with a days break after challenge racing. That days break will allow sufficient time to reconfigure parts of the BMX track before championship practice, later the same day and evening. The first competition day will therefore be Wednesday 24 July 2013.

The general programme of events will therefore be:-

Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 July                                 Challenge Practice (in country sessions)
Wednesday 24 July and Thursday 25 July            All challenge events (including cruiser)
Friday 26 July                                                                        No racing. Championship Practice
Saturday 27 July                                                                   Championship Time Trials
Sunday 28 July                                                                      Championship Racing

The challenge events will be held in several sessions, and almost certainly will involve racing in the evenings. Developing a formal running order of events is a major piece of work being undertaken at the present. UCI BMX staff are involved in that process. Needless to say there are several challenges with arriving at a final event order, that accommodates all needs. That schedule will be published as soon as it is confirmed. However, the above event dates are confirmed and travel arrangements can be confirmed around these dates. We will be in touch with more information as soon as possible.

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