Big winds add to thrill of BMX competition

Arriving to gale force winds made Taupo BMX Club riders a little anxious about competing at the BMX NZ North Islands Titles in Whangarei at the weekend.

Rider Xania Miller said it was scary to balance in the wind on the start gate and Steve Amrein and Phil Simpson both said the track was
long but great to ride.

New Zealand Olympians silver medallist Sarah Walker and Kurt Pickard were also riding.

The North Island Titles is a major event with New Zealand versus Australia in the Mighty 11 Class (11-year-olds) and Senior Test Teams (14-year-olds).

It was a successful weekend for the club with Mark Harland-Croft retaining his North Island ranking of one in the cruiser category.

Club nights have started again on Wednesdays, 5.30pm registration and 6pm racing. For more information visit taupobmx.

Results: Junior Men: Mike Gaskin 10th. Year 6 Boys: Declan Weal 4th, Joel Amerin 22nd. Year 8 Girls: Abby Hirst 6th. Year 8 Boys: Sheridan Miller 26th. Year 9 boys: Michael Ranford 17th, Nate Buchanan 30th. Year 10 Girls: Xania Miller 6th, Bayley Weal 10th. Year 10 Boys: Blake Osborne 7th, Rhys Halligan 13th, Karl Hooper 23rd. Year 11 Boys: Matthew Burns 10th. Year 12 Boys: Mark Harland-Croft 2nd, Logan Hirst 9th, Todd Halligan 24th. Year 14 Girls: Courtney Newman 7th. Year 16 Boys: Connor Halligan 12th. Mighty 11 Class: Matthew Burns 24th. 40+ Male 20": Phil Simpson 20th. 17-29 Male 20": Dean Harland-Croft 9th. 11-12 Year Cruiser: Mark Harland Croft. 1st 50+ Cruiser Male: Phil Simpson 6th. 40-44 Cruiser Male: Steve Amrein 5th.


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