2013 Worlds Funding/2015 NI Titles

2013 Worlds Funding

Lisa Halligan is needing copies of your quotes for your Worlds accommodation.  She is going to apply hopefully for funding to help with costs.

Please send your quotes to 2013worlds@taupobmx.org.nz and they will get to her.

2015 North Island Titles

It is with great pleasure that we announce that BMXNZ has selected Taupo BMX Club to be the hosts for the 2015 North Island Titles.

There will be more information to follow, but a big thanks goes out to all who have been involved in the club over the last few years, the Taupo District Council and BMXNZ.

Working Bee

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we are to have another bee before the meet on the 17th of February.

It has been decided that the 2nd of February will be a Working Bee from 10am.

We will be taking delivery of 28 ton of lime which is to be applied to the track and rolled.

There will also be weedeating and lawnmowing to be done.

PLEASE can you make some time to help.  The last working bee consisted of just 4 adults - the same four that go to all the working bees.

Taupo Meet - 17th February

Like the working bees, our meets require helpers.  There are still jobs that need people assigned to them.

Please, even if you or your child are not racing, can you offer your services to the club.  The more helpers, the fairer it is for everyone!  Contact Anne-Marie if you can help - info@taupobmx.org.nz or 021 2929290.

Up and Coming Events

BMXNZ fliers for race meets can be downloaded from here:


The 2012/2013 Race Calendar is here: http://www.taupobmx.org.nz/events.html

See you at the track on Wednesday nights!

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