3 South Island Titles for two Taupō riders

Toby Gambril and Michael Ranford made the trip down south to compete in the 2023 BMX New Zealand South Island Titles which was held in Dunedin.

Toby rode his 20" bike in 15 boys.  With two full gates of BMX'ers competing for top spot, Toby battled away nicely in his 6 qualifying motos to make it through to finals where he took away SI 8 for 2023.

Toby Gambril (TPO 175) at the South Island Titles

Michael raced both Cruiser and 20 inch and even made and appearance in the first moto of Crank-It, but pulled out of that due to wanting to focus on the title events.  Michael's 20" was amalgamated to 17-34, but he managed to podium with SI 3 after a fantastic effort in the final moving from back in the pack through to 3rd.

Michael Ranford (TPO 124) on the gate in the 17-24 20" Final

In Cruiser, Michael only had 4 riders due to late pull outs, however, what should have been a points over round, ended up in a deadman final due to all riders heading into the final moto sitting on 15 points.

Toby Gambril 20" - M1 4th, M2 5th, M3 2nd, M4 4th, M5 3rd, M6 5th, Final 8th
Michael Ranford 20" - M1 2nd, M2 1st, M3 5th, M4 5th, M5 2nd, M6 3rd, Final 3rd
Michael Ranford Cruiser - M1 4th, M2 2nd, M3 1st, M4 2nd, M5 3rd, M6 3rd, M7 2nd
Check out both Toby and Michael on BMXNZ's YouTube Channel :
Sunday https://youtu.be/q2ztePY-5KY
Saturday https://youtu.be/ptiK323Y_CU

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