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BMXNZ has fielded a few questions over the last weeks about NQMs, so the following information sheet has been made to hopefully explain what a NQM is, its reasoning & the rules around gaining NQMs.

A NQM is a Nominated Qualifying Meeting. Meaning that a race meeting has been Nominated by BMXNZ as a meeting where rider can compete to take a step in Qualifying for Nationals. Each completed NQM meeting is one NQM, where riders need a MINIMUM of four NQMs to qualify for Nationals.

BMX is one of the only sports where you can self nominate to participate in the sports National Event. Most other sports participants need to be selected by their club or through results driven criteria.

So with the sport self-nominating format, the only check process BMXNZ puts in place is one based around experience of racing & understanding of eventing. The NQM process, requires the riders an absolute minimum number of race meetings they must attend & complete, before they are eligible to attend a Nationals Event.

BMXNZ actually want riders to do more than the bare minimum, as that then comes with more experience & understanding of the processes of an event. To have people learning how to navigate an event at Nationals is unacceptable. The delays & issues this creates is unfair for other participants and the volunteers running the event.

BMXNZ recommend that riders do as many NQMs prior to going to Nationals, you will be better off for it.

1.024 Nominated Qualifying Meetings (NQM)
• A rider wishing to attend the National Championships must complete at least 4 published BMX NZ NQMs, as a current Challenge or Sprocket licenced rider.
• Championship licence holders shall not be required to meet NQM provisions.
• Riders must complete 4 NQM meetings separately in 20" and/or cruiser classes and in any race class, including Superclass or Mixed Open.
• BMX NZ will keep a register of all riders who have attended these meetings as the official record thereof.
• An NQM shall be held at specified meetings and shall be held between the dates of September 1st and March 1st the following year, or as approved by BMX NZ.
• 4 NQMs will be allocated, annually, to each Region. In addition, the North Island and South Island Titles shall be NQMs.
• BMX NZ reserves the right to allocate additional special NQMs or promotional NQMs within any region.
• An NQM can be held on EITHER a single day meeting or over a two-day meeting as advertised. Where not speci¬fied on the National calendar the host club may nominate which day, and shall provide a suitable racing format enabling that a MINIMUM of 4 motos shall comprise the NQM. (e.g. "First 4 Motos on Saturday for NQM"). If no such criteria are specified then the total of all qualifying motos for the meeting shall be completed in order to complete the NQM requirement.
• Riders seeking dispensation for not attending sufficient NQMs must make written application to the BMX NZ Na¬tional Officiating Director prior to the close of entries, setting out reasons for not attending and also their BMX involvement. A fee will be payable as determined by the BMX NZ Executive for each NQM not attended


  • - NQM can be a one or two day event
  • - Where not specified by BMXNZ Calendar, the club may choose the day which is the NQM
  • - The format for NQMs is if a minimum of 4 motos are completed
  • - If no criteria is specified on the event flyer then all qualifying motos are counted to get a NQM


The system that calculates the NQM from the meeting race files works to the rules & indicates to the admin person three sets of riders:

1—those who completed the required motos (complete)
2—those who have not completed the required motos (not complete)
3—anomalies that need attention, (pending)

The admin person then goes through all riders in sets 2 & 3 to define why they are in these groups, then details any reasons why they are a 'not complete' and updates all the pending to either complete or not-complete.

Other notes;

  • There is a level of compassion to riders who have in race incidents & may be held at medical stations.
  • Riders who signed up for a meeting but did not attend the event for any reason are not covered for an NQM.
  • There is no cover for random missing of motos, this is a key indication of lack of attentiveness by a parent or rider, so this is not covered for an NQM
  • NQM allocation can be questioned, but first you need to read the rules & ask yourself, does my situation fall into the framework of the rules.


As per the rules, any missed NQM, can be made up by applying for a NQM dispensation. These dispensations need to include reasoning why the NQM was missed & why the application should be accepted. Each NQM dispensation has a fee & is charged if the dispensation is accepted.


NQMs are a level of competence that BMXNZ needs to see in riders & guardians for our smaller riders, so that when they attend a National event have the skills to attend & race to their fullest. Local & regional NQM meets are the best way to get this experience.

The NQM process is 99% black & white. It is aiming to be fair & transparent for all. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to

Download PDF here: NQM INFO Letter Feb 2017

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